TikTok has lost Taylor Swift’s songs, and the verdict on Galaxy S24 Ultra


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Universal Music has acted on its threat of removing music from social media platforms after failed negotiations with TikTok. The social media platform is a good example. no more TayTayNo more Drake. And no more… all of the other artists under its corporate umbrella. The CEOs of social media platforms around the world have also received (at times) a genuine apology. GrillingThe US Senate. While some senators came across as out of touch, and out of their depth. Linda Yaccarino said something bizarre when she claimed that X, the former Twitter social network, was a “brand-new company” and that they were looking into parental control. Linda, Twitter was founded in 2006.

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As we mentioned, the CEOs from Meta, Snap and Discord as well as X, TikTok, and X, Discord testified in a high-profile Senate Judiciary Committee on child exploitation. Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel were interrogated by lawmakers for nearly four hour, but we’ve compiled the highlights. Condensation of the airThe main points, and the social media executives’ responses.

This was the very first time that Spiegel, Citron, and Yaccarino appeared before Congress. According to lawmakers, the committee subpoenaed the three men after they refused to show up voluntarily. Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Dick Durbin noted that Citron “only accepted services of his subpoena after US Marshals were sent to Discord’s headquarters at taxpayers’ expense.”

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