Spotify will launch its own in app payment system for iOS users across the EU


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Spotify will undergo major changes when the European Union becomes a reality Digital Markets ActThe new rules will take effect on March 7. The audio streaming service has announced that EU residents will be able to upgrade from an Individual plan to a Duo, Family or Premium subscription from within the app. Spotify hasn’t allowed users to purchase a subscription using Apple’s in-app payments system since 2016. It has also been vocally critical of the 30% cut Apple takes off app developers. It even Apple Payments: Stop accepting them altogether — it used to let iOS users who’ve had a subscription since before 2016 to keep paying through Apple’s in-app system.

Spotify’s in-app payment system will allow users to purchase audiobooks as they browse titles within the app. Customers will pay the actual amount for subscriptions and purchases, and no longer be required to pay an extra fee to cover Apple’s fees. Apple’s in-app payment system used to charge $3 extra on top of Spotify subscription prices for users who paid via the app. But EU’s DMA bans this practice.

Spotify will soon be able add prices within the app. It currently displays a note in the place of the product’s price, telling users they cannot purchase the product from within the app. Spotify will be able, once the DMA is implemented, to display its product pricing and inform iOS users of deals and promotions.

The company stated in its announcement that “it should be easy for every Spotify customer anywhere.” “But if you live outside certain markets, you will continue to encounter frustrating roadblocks because of Apple’s ridiculous rules. This is why developers continue to ask governments to pass their laws, like the DMA.


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