Sleeping problems? How to fall asleep instantly with this $19 wearable


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ZDNET key takeaways 

  • At $40 (and usually on sale at half that price), LC-Dolida headphones for sleep maskCombination put me in an instant slumber and distanced the sounds of sirens beeps and honks that were outside my busy Brooklyn bedroom. 
  • The sleep mask headphones have a long-lasting battery and a high-quality sound that will distract you from outside noises and completely eliminate any light around you. 
  • Although they aren’t the best for side sleepers who prefer that position, you can still feel comfortable wearing them. 

I would prize a good, quiet night of sleep above all else. I am at my best when I get a full night of uninterrupted rest. A good night’s sleep can be hard to achieve in my Brooklyn apartment which faces a busy, sleepless road. Since moving in, the noise of honks and beeps and the occasional argument between pedestrians and drivers outside my window has kept me awake. 

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I used a cotton sleeping mask. Loop’s Quiet Ear PlugsI was looking for something that would block out streetlights while also dimming the whooshes, whirls and other sounds. 

Enter Sleep mask and headphone combination by LC Dolida. I searched Amazon for the most popular option of a sleep mask with headphones and that’s how I found LC Dolida. This sleep mask/headphones combination has received over 20,000 Amazon reviews with an average star-rating of 4.2. It also offers Bluetooth compatibility, so you can listen your favorite songs or calming sounds to fall asleep. 

The headphones were originally priced at $40 on, but they are now only $20. Sale: $19. I wanted to see if the high Amazon ratings were true, so I slept with them on for a week to find out. 

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The sleep headphone is equipped with a battery which lasts at least two nights, a charging time of between one and two hours, Bluetooth 5.2 and an adjustable Velcro headband. It also has ear cups that cover the eyes and prevent light from entering. Two flat speakers are built into the mask. One is on each ear. These speakers stream music or sound directly into the mask. The mask is available in 13 different colours. 

The cushion and eye cups are very comfortable. The eye cups block out light so that you can’t see through the mask. It’s very soothing to wear the mask while lying on my back, especially when I have a headache. The mask has touch controls in the center for increasing, decreasing and turning on or off Bluetooth. The controls are on the front, rather than the sides, so they’re less likely to be accidentally pressed by me while I’m sleeping. They’re easy to use and don’t require any fiddling while you wear the mask. 

LC-Dolida claims that the mask is also suitable for side sleepers. However, as a side-sleeper myself, I had to move my head a little to avoid feeling like my ears were resting on a rigid, flat speaker without any cushion. I find that if I place my head directly above the speaker, it feels as if my ear is resting against a loud and hard plate. So getting the head position right can be tricky. Although you can wear them if you are a side-sleeper, be aware of initial discomfort. 

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The headphones have a decent sound quality and can be loud enough to block 90% of the noises around me. The headphones immediately reduced the sounds of cars outside my window and my roommates cooking in the kitchen. I can still hear the sirens of police cars and fire trucks, but with the headphones on they are muffled. The mask blocks out all light sources, and the brown noise that I play through it helps me fall asleep in minutes. 

The LC-Dolida headphones do not offer active noise cancellation. However, I don’t mind this because I want to be aware of my surroundings while I sleep, and not feel completely shut out. The headphones aren’t great for listening to music. But that’s not the point. If you’re looking for The best headphones for musicWe have another list that will help you. It can be irritating if the charging cord falls out of its nook or if you forget it. Overall, they are very comfortable to wear. 

ZDNET’s buying advice

This headphone mask will be a great help if you have a noisy roommate, a partner who snores or live near a busy road. It has all the features I look for in a sleeping device: a good battery life, a comfortable fit, and a noise that drowns out distracting noises around you, but does not eliminate them completely. Even when it’s not fully charged, I wear the mask because of how well it blocks all light and puts you to sleep. 

I’d recommend that you try it LC-Dolida headphones for sleep maskAnyone who wants to sleep faster and not spend a lot of money. The sleep mask headphones cost less than $20 on sale. They are well worth the money. 

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