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My canine is supplied with two sq. meals of nutritious kibble a day, plus an limitless parade of specialty freeze dried treats, Dentastix, and selection tidbits from our plates. And but, when you have been to see us on a stroll you’ll suppose we starve him. I by no means realized simply how a lot free trash is on our streets till I discovered myself pulling varied choking hazards out of his mouth — hen bones (all the time hen bones!! The place do they arrive from?! Who’s consuming all this hen??), frozen hunks of bread, as soon as, a complete rotting uncooked hen thigh (that was a low level, for each of us). We’re at present below a few foot of snow, so proper now a number of walks contain guessing if he’s digging within the snow for a chunk of frozen trash, or simply sniffing one thing mysterious that’s past my restricted human notion. My canine is a ten/10 and I like him to bits, however trash is his no 1 vice (his quantity 2 vice is gnawing on our sofa).

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