Hulu will crack down on password sharing just like Disney Plus, Netflix and Hulu


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Image: Disney

Hulu just laid the foundation to kick family members, friends, and freeloaders out of its streaming service until they pay for their accounts. This week, the company Revisions to the Terms of Service to explicitly ban password sharing outside of “your primary personal residence,” and it’s begun to tell subscribers they’ll need to comply by March 14th, 2024.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise: the writing’s been on the wall ever since Netflix reported The crackdown on password sharing has led to more signups, after Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed he’d like to follow suitDisney Plus is a great way to enjoy the Disney experience. Crackdown on password sharing(Disney should be serious) Disney should Soon Hulu will own all of HuluThe two apps are just beginning…

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