How to melt the day (including waterproof mascara)


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How to melt away the day (all of it, waterproof mascara included)

Written by: Jean Godfrey June


Published on: January 4, 2024

After a night on the red carpet, Gwyneth wants every bit of makeup—including the waterproof mascara—off as fast as possible. We created a new, all-in one, silky, elegant balm cleanser that will remove even the most stubborn sunscreen and makeup in just one step. No matter your skin type, it cleanses without stripping, going from balm to oil to milk, then rinsing away easily—for fresh, clean, beautifully hydrated skin.

“It melts into an oil, then a milk that feels so good on your skin—you almost forget that it works so well,” says Gwyneth. “It really takes it all off.”

The luxurious, addictively soft balm is made with Midsummer Night’s Dream Oil™This balm is enriched with seven flower-oil oils (jasmines, nerolis, cherry blossoms, damask rosies, lavenders, peonies, and elderflowers). The balm nourishes with antioxidants and minerals while helping maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. It’s clinically proven to remove makeup, dirt, pollution, and sunscreen. It’s safe for sensitive skin and the delicate eye and lip areas. It leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant, dewy fresh, and moisturized.

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luminous cleansing balm benefits
luminous cleansing balm benefits

Even waterproof mascara and liner come right off.**

swipe of luminouis cleansing balm


They said that the balm removed their makeup effortlessly.**


It is said that the balm can remove even long-wear makeup as well as sunscreen.**


They said that the balm left them with clean, moisturized skin.**

*Based on a clinical study of 33 women between the ages of 26 and 60.

**Based on a four-week third-party consumer study of 33 women between the ages of 26 and 60.

This cleanser is a great way to get rid of dirt and grime. Does not:

check mark

Requires additional makeup-removing products

check mark

Skin that is dry or flaky.

check mark

Use harsh detergents or surfactants.

How to Use it

The balm melts your day away in seconds.
If you are a fan of a double clean, this will remove everything for a perfect start.

woman scooping luminous balm

Step 1


Take a small amount of balm with your fingers or using the spatula included in the package.

woman melting luminous balm

Step 2:


The balm will warm up if you rub it between your fingers.

woman massaging luminous balm

Step 3


Apply the balm to the skin, including the area around the eyes and lips.

woman using luminous balm by adding water

Step 4

Add Water

Spray the oil on your skin, or wet a cloth made of organic cotton and massage it in. The oil will turn into a milk.

woman rinsing luminous balm

Step 5


The milk easily washes off, leaving you with soft, hydrated skin that looks healthy.


Double Cleanse

Follow the balm with an Exfoliant, a nourishing essence, or a Face mask, depending on your skin.

Post-Cleanse Favorites For Great Skin

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woman cleansing her face
woman cleansing her face

Melt the day away.

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