George Carlin estate sues fake AI comedy special creators


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The estate of late comic George Carlin is suing a Comedy “special”The word used is Recreate his persona

Posted on YouTube early January, the AI generated George Carlin – I’m glad I’m dead The script and presentation was done by Comedy AI DudesyWill Sasso & Chad Kultgen, humans. The hour-long videoIt’s not the real comedian. Who died in 2008. It’s actually an AI-generated imitation of Carlin, talking about “the subjects I think the comedy legend might be discussing today.” The video currently has over a half million views.

The law suitsThe lawsuit filed on Thursday accuses video creators of copyright violations. They claim they didn’t get permission to use Carlin’s material, such as his albums and comedy specials on which the AI had been trained. The lawsuit describes the video as “computer-generated click-bait which detracts from the value of Carlin’s comedic works and harms his reputation.”

“It is a casual theft of a great American artist’s work,” it reads.

The filing also stated that the AI-generated video may also discourage younger audiences who are unfamiliar with George Carlin from engaging with the real work which is his legacy, and that the creators infringed copyright by their promotion of the “special” on the Dudesy Podcast and its social media pages.

The estate is seeking damages and has demanded that the creators remove the video on all platforms and destroy copies.

“The Dudesy Special is a bastardization of Carlin’s real work and his legacy,” reads the filing. “George Carlin could have made comments on the topics covered in the Dudesy Special today, but he’d have had the final say.”

“The Dudesy Special is a bastardization of Carlin’s real work and his legacy.”

The AI claims that the impersonation was “developed in the same way as a human impressionist” and that it “listened to all George Carlin’s material, and did my best imitate his voice and cadence as well as his attitude, as well as the topic I think would have been interesting to him today.” As Mashable’s Tim Marcin writes“The Dudesy Special is a voice accurate copy of Carlin. It does not add context but instead tries to resurrect an old ghost. It’s an odd, less funny Carlin.”

Carlin’s daughter, Kelly, Post a threadOn Twitter/X after the video’s release. “My dad spent his entire life perfecting his craft with his human brain, imagination and life. “No machine will ever replace him genius,” she wrote.

The lawsuit is a mere misunderstanding latest fiascoThe following are some examples of how to use AI and copyrightFollow the arrows Major ConversationsWriters and AI seated around Hollywood strikes at the heart.

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