DualSense controllers, audio and other features are all changing in the PlayStation 5 Beta Update


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A system update will be released for PS5 beta testers. This update will bring you some new features. At least a select few.

This update will be rolled out to a select group of participants at this time, but it is intended to be released globally “in the coming months”. The DualSense controller software has undergone a significant update.

Controller speaker enhancements. The controller speakers are now able to produce higher volumes of sound, which allows you to hear voice chats and in-game audio more clearly.

Improved noise cancellation.A new AI machine-learning model has improved the mic input quality of these controllers. The background noise from button presses, game audio and other sources is suppressed to improve voice chat. Install the beta system software and update the controller device to enjoy enhanced audio clarity when using the mic on the controller.

You may notice that the volume of your controller speaker has increased after this update. You can adjust the volume of the controller speaker from the Control Center.

Share Screen Interactions, which allows players to interact while watching a game on a shared screen, has also undergone changes.

You can also find out more about the following: PlayStation blog states

“Viewers can move a pointer around, send a ping, or draw a line on the shared screen, allowing them to highlight certain objects or areas to guide the host player more accurately. Viewers can send emoji-based reactions to the host’s screen to visually encourage and celebrate gameplay actions. Note: this feature is available by default but can be turned off by the host in the Share Screen settings. Both the host and the viewer must be participating in the beta to use this feature during the beta period.”

We aren’t sure just how many people have been invited to this PlayStation 5 beta update, or whether it will be rolled out further before its main launch, but it’s a good insight into what is coming to your DuelSense later in the year.

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